“The Craft Beer Dilemma” Part 1 – Open Question

During an outing the other night I once again encountered what I have started calling “The Craft Beer Dilemma!” Let me explain.

While at bar or restaurant you ask your server what beers they currently have on tap. If you’re lucky the server happily replies with a list of local and regional craft beers and you can order happily knowing that you are supporting the brews, brewers and community that you know and love.

Often though you go someplace and they will list a few craft beers, maybe a couple from some of the larger craft breweries like Boston Beer, New Belgium, Deschutes, Dogfish Head or Odell. This is all well and good, these are still craft breweries and all of them have some amazing beers, and because of their sizes they have some clout so they can compete for tap space. Now imagine this, your server instead lists a few like Kona, Redhook and Widmer. You’re getting into iffy territory at this point if you have issues with ABInBev.

Now what if they list Goose Island, Blue Moon and Shocktop? This is “The Craft Beer Dilemma.”

While I don’t think most of us would be tempted to bite at the suggestion of Blue Moon or ShockTop. I think many of us still have fond feeling toward Goose Island.

Since 1988 they were a craft brewery known for some amazing beers. Then in March 2011, they were bought, lock, stock and beer barrel by what many craft beer drinker consider the enemy, Anheuser-Busch InBev. They had, to steal a phrase, been assimilated. For many, it is no longer a joyous thing to find a bottle of Goose Island on the shelf. Instead, for many of us it was a reminder of the on going attack on craft beer.

So the question then becomes,

“Is Goose Island still Craft Beer?”

What do you think? I have my opinion but I would like the greater communities perspective.

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